Watermelon Mint Juice

IMG_9958Is there any more perfect pair than watermelon and cucumber? I absolutely adore combining veggies and fruits, and nothing heralds in summer quite like this couple does.

Not just a juicy treat that combats dehydration and the winter blues, watermelon has the highest cancer-fighting properties, gram for gram, of any other fruit. It’s also packed with lycopene, fiber, and Vitamins A and C.

Your green dose of spinach keeps the antioxidant punch coming, with a little iron and minerals for a boost. Add in some mint for that irreplaceable, refreshing taste, and a scoop of strawberries to sweeten you all the way through springtime.


My summer is packed with yoga festivals like Hanuman in Boulder, CO and Wanderlust in Aspen, not to mention bike rides, campouts, hiking…all at the high altitudes of Colorado, makes for one thirsty yogi.

Freeze this triple-hydrating potion ahead of time and whip it out during your next long day in the sun. By the time you are ready for your midday magic, your hydrating tonic should be thawed (yet still chilled!) and ready to blow minds.


Yields: 2 servingscucumber-chopped

2 c. watermelon

1 cucumber, cubed

1 c. frozen strawberries

1 c. frozen shredded spinach or kale

1 c. coconut water

1/2 lemon

1 lime

7 mint leaves

A handful of ice cubes



You can do this willy-nilly (it still tastes amaze), or you can get systemic with your approach and see if that de-chunks the parts you don’t want to chew.

Try adding your coconut water with the spinach first before taking the rest of the ingredients on a spin. This cuts down on those leafy bits (which are minimal with chopped spinach, but kale can be a little tougher).

Looking for a cool, slushie type beverage? Save the ice cube spinning for last. Blending the cubes when you’re all done will keep your potion from becoming too watered down as a result of too-tiny ice cubes.