About Me

My name is Deanna, and about a year ago, I started losing my hair. Without getting into the all the boring details, I will say it’s not life-threatening, it’s not cancer, and it seems to be confined to the crown of my head.


Just before hair loss began.

Thank goodness beanies are on fleek.

Since every test and every doctor seemed to only provide more questions, I started to look to the goodness of sweet Mother Nature for answers. I turned to natural oils with little or no chemicals to help soothe stressed out hair follicles and fight infection.

Very quickly, my scalp became less irritated, cellular turnover and skin regeneration was restored, and I finally began to heal.

All of a sudden, I felt excited and hopeful for the first time in months. There were so many positive results and, best of all, my sensitive skin wasn’t red and dried out like with fragrances and OTC moisturizers.

A newfound sense of discovery over the many uses of carrier and essential oils quickly overtook me. I was actually saving money by not investing in cleansers and moisturizers that only seemed to get more expensive in time, and saving my skin too.

12321621_763298673151_7552622390614626578_nPlant-based eating quickly became a huge part of my life too, as I dug deeper into the values of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and alkaline levels. Having been a vegetarian, it was a natural progression for me to omitting dairy. In fact, I’ve become twice as excited about cooking now, geeking out over all the delicious veggies and their amazing benefits.

With plant-based nutrition as my backbone, I am eating my medicine these days. I’m finally tuned in and turned onto my healing process. I’m an active member of my health now – rather than feeling out of control, I feel educated and empowered. 

A huge yoga-lover since 2007, I received my 200 hr. teaching certification from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre and feel strongly that yoga and meditation have been integral to my healing journey.

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