Living Your Best Life

Start living your best life now. Use the below tips to live and love, vibrantly you.

1. Health is Wealth.

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. There is empowerment in the discovery that you, yourself, are in charge of your health and thereby, your future.

2. Motion is Lotion.

Our physical bodies act as insight to our metaphysical state; tune in and exercise because it’s fun and your cheeks feel weird when they’re red and winded.

3. Don’t seek first to change.

Love yourself, faults and freaks. Organic change comes when we tune into who we really are, the unchanging Self.

4. Live for the yin and yang.

You can’t know the light if you don’t know darkness. Embrace it all. If you can’t change the game, change your perspective.

5. Never waste a good crisis.

Pain and fear are powerful vehicles for change. Stay attentive; there is something valuable to be learnt in these times.

6. Give.

We live our lives to have a purpose, to be significant. What makes us significant is how we choose to interact with the world in which we live. Giving and volunteering are some of the most important things you will ever do with your time.

7. Listen well.

Look people in the eye when they speak, think before you do, smile when you answer the phone.

8. Family comes in many forms: Honor it.

I backpacked around Europe by myself for two months and called it self-discovery, but mostly I was cold, hungry, and I learned that even the Louvre isn’t as good as Christmas with your bumpkin family in their bumpkin cornfields.

9. Never stop learning.

Education doesn’t stop with a four-year institution and a Sallie Mae account. You step out into a blinding desert sun with a piece of paper that says you got a B.A. and a lot to live up to, which can be daunting. True learning comes in experiencing all this nutter-butter life has to offer.

10. Exchange knowledge.

You didn’t load up on Venti espressos the night before the final to compete; the knowledge we acquire becomes dumbed down and useless until we learn that sharing is caring.

11. Be yourself.

Even if you need a couple costume changes to find the perfect fit.

12. LOL.

Live Out Loud – Wear what you want, embrace the strange, and hug someone every day.

13. Dispel judgement.

Acceptance of our ourselves, our bodies, our situations, and our peers, is the key to happiness. Be aware of similarities, admiring of differences, open to newness.


Breathwork (pranayama) is some of the most powerful ways for us to tune into – and release – tension in the body. Slow down your breathing to relax the parasympathetic nervous system and facilitate meditation.




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